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Are you searching for a healthy way to eat? Are you confused about which diet is the right one? Are you willing to change your perspective about what is considered proper nutrition?  Are you interested in a new perspective towards maintaining your health? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Nourishing Israel is based upon the findings of Dr. Weston Price, a dentist who, in the 1920’s and 30’s, traveled the world to study healthy isolated indigenous and native populations in order to discover the key to good dental and overall health. Their natural diet that has sustained these populations is appropriate for everyone, is based on human biology and physiology, and can be very easily adjusted to take into account your specific needs.

Nourishing Israel’s health articles presents new perspectives on health and advocate for natural/alternative medicine.

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Nourishing Encounters: Scarborough Fair Chicken

Scarborough Fair Chicken (recipe below), uses parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, the herbs made famous in Simon and Garfunkel’s rendition of the ballad Scarborough Fair. Strong, healthy societies have traditionally been omnivores, eating both plant and animal foods… Read more



Why “Why” Matters

Cartoon picture of Yael Tusk
by Yael Tusk, M.Sc.

A while ago, my friend Leah lent me a book on healing a certain common pediatric issue.  When I returned it to her, I told her that while it was informative, I was disappointed that the author seemed to (almost deliberately) leave out one of the main causative factors for the condition the book was meant to treat…Read more

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Nourishing Israel’s Organic & Natural in Israel List and Holistic Practitioners List are resources for those who have chosen to make their home in Israel, and for visitors to Israel,  who are searching for natural foods and natural/alternative practitioners.

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