My Daughter’s Eczema Story

The following incident was told to Nourishing Israel by R.S. Knowing that her experience would be helpful to our readers, we asked her to write it up for us. We hope that you find it as illuminating as we did. 

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What Israel’s Red & Green Food Labels Don’t Tell You About the Food You’re Buying

Pilanesberg salt lick

Natural salt is so important to health that salt licks are made available to animals. Giraffe and wildebeest enjoy this artificial salt lick at the Pilanesberg Game Reserve, South Africa [1]  How those red & green food labels misdirect attention Like

Choosing healthy fats and oils: what you need to know

Coconut oil making

One of the first things we did on our journey to better health was to get rid of the polyunsaturated vegetable fats we had been using in favor of monounsaturated fats like olive oil,  and saturated animal and  tropical fats

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Some oily (and other) tips and great latkas for Chanukah

Gastronomy is at least as important as ritual when it comes to the holidays. We all enjoy the delicious latkas (vegetable pancakes) and sufganiyot (donuts) that are customary Chanukah fare. However, since we still want keep our waistlines and health

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Bottle of Olive Oil

Old olive oil press

Olive Oil Fraud, Health, and Kashrut Concerns Just as harvesting quality grapes and producing wine is a complex operation, so too is the harvesting of olives and production of good quality olive oil to ensure that the oil tastes good

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