The Teenage Liberation Handbook

how to quit school and get a real life and education

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by Grace Llewellyn

Your life, time, and brain should belong to you, not an institution. This Handbook is for everyone who has ever gone to school, but it is especially a book for teenagers and people with teenagers in their lives. You’ll read
•  good reasons to think about quitting school.
•  how to reclaim your natural ability to learn and teach yourself.
•  how to get your parents’ support, keep your friends, and stay out of legal trouble.
•  how to design a personalized education that you can get excited about.
•  how to go to college without going to high school.
•  how to find volunteer positions, apprenticeships, and other work opportunities.
•  how other unschooled teenagers live and learn.

This is also very appropriate for children in elementary school – not just high-schoolers. A home-schooler’s “bible”! This may be a hard read for parents who had a traditional schooling – realizing how much better your life and education could have been.

The Nature Principle

Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age

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by Richard Louv

[The Nature Principle] looks at the restorative powers of the natural world to boost mental acuity and creativity; promote health and wellness; build smarter and more sustainable businesses, communities, and economies; and strengthen human bonds. Supported by research, anecdotal evidence, and personal stories, the author challenges us to rethink the way we live.

Last Child in the Woods

Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder

Image of Last Child in the Woods Book Cover

by Richard Louv

This huge international bestseller, fully revised for non-American readers, is now in paperback. “Last Child in the Woods” shows how our children have become increasingly alienated and distant from nature, why this  matters, and what we can do to make a difference. It is unsentimental, rigorous and utterly original. Camping in the garden, riding bikes through the woods, climbing trees, collecting bugs, picking wildflowers, running through piles of autumn leaves…These are the things childhood memories are made of. But for a whole generation of today’s children the pleasures of a free-range childhood are missing, and their indoor habits contribute to epidemic obesity, attention-deficit disorder, isolation and childhood depression. “Last Child in the Woods” is a clarion call, brilliantly written, compelling and irresistibly persuasive – a book that will change minds and lives.

Brain Building Nutrition

How Dietary Fats and Oils Affect Mental, Physical, and Emotional Intelligence

Book Cover - Brain Building Nutrition

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D. Depression, Schizophrenia

Book Cover: Gut and Psychology Syndrome