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My Daughter’s Eczema Story

The following incident was told to Nourishing Israel by R.S. Knowing that her experience would be helpful to our readers, we asked her to write it up for us. We hope that you find it as illuminating as we did. 

My Daughter’s Eczema Story

This is a very simple story, but I think it exemplifies what is wrong with the current medical paradigm that we live in.

My daughter developed a very itchy, dry, red rash, mostly behind her knees, but also in other places.  I took her to a dermatologist and showed him all the rashes.  He went to his computer, typed away and handed me two prescriptions, one for a syrup and one for a cream, telling me how many times a day to give each.  I got the impression that as far as he was concerned, the appointment was over, so I asked him what my daughter had.  He answered: “eczema”.  I asked him what causes eczema and he answered “I don’t know”.  When I asked him what I can do to stop the eczema from happening again, he said that she should take the cream and the syrup.  End of appointment.

Being that my daughter’s rash was not caused by a lack of hydrocortisone, taking the medication was not going to fix her problem.  Rather, we had to figure out what caused this problem, in order to find its solution.

Skin rashes are generally the body’s reaction to an irritant.  The irritant was likely to be something that was being put on her skin (e.g. soap, moisturizer, clothing detergent) or something in her body that the body was removing through the skin (e.g. a food chemical).

Her worst rashes were behind her knees.  Realizing that a few months earlier she had gotten new tights with “fresh feet” antibacterial agents in them, we severely washed them and the rash behind her knees got much better.

We tried taking her off milk and wheat and other known allergens, but this lead to no noticeable improvement (maybe since we were already drinking raw goats/sheep milk and eating sourdough spelt).  However, she had had another problem, which we had never bothered mentioning to the dermatologist (since he was a skin doctor, we didn’t think to mention any non-skin symptoms, also, we ourselves did not make any connection at the time between this problem and her eczema.  We now understand that any doctor who is so specialized he doesn’t know or care about other body parts is probably not a doctor that will be able to help bring the body back to health).  She had started frequently dislocating her shoulders, elbows and wrists, and had become so fragile, it bothered her to be touched or in any way treated in a non-gentle manner.

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Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Months earlier, we had begun drinking a lot of bone-broth soup (having understood that it was considered very healthy), but we were making this soup out of “regular” turkey-bones.  Conventionally raised birds/animals are fed pesticide-laden feed which they detox out through their milk, eggs, urine, feces, and sweat, and which gets stored in the fat and skin.  Glyphosate also gets placed in bones and cartilage.  Glyphosate is the most commonly used pesticide/herbicide in the world, and a molecule which, when present, replaces glycine (an amino acid found in every cell of our bodies) of which bones and cartilage contain a lot.  Glyphosate is highly poisonous to our bodies because it has a slightly different chemical shape than the glycine it is replacing, which causes different problems to different proteins throughout the body.  Glyphosate in the cartilage of the joints can cause the body’s joints to not function correctly. I made the connection between my daughter’s problems and the bone-broth after reading articles by Stefanie Seneff explaining the many problems with glyphosate. (She is an MIT senior researcher, who has just recently published a book on the toxicity of glyphosate.)  Therefore, since cooking bones for hours to make broth releases lots of glycine (which is super healthy for our bodies) and glyphosate (which is super poisonous to our bodies)), it turns out we had been ingesting lots of glyphosate from our bone broth.  When we stopped drinking the bone-broth soup made from “regular” turkey-bones (and later replaced it with organic chicken bones to make “organic” bone-broth soup), the rest of our daughter’s eczema and all her dislocations stopped.

We saw very clearly from this story an inherent danger of the current medical system.  The current medical system focuses on removing a patient’s symptoms without removing or in any way dealing with what actually is causing the illness.  This is often achieved by stopping an important function of the body (in our daughter’s case detoxification and reacting to irritants), thus leaving the person in worse health than before and leading to much bigger health problems.  We also learned how serious pesticides/herbicides/fungicides are to our health (other members of our family had also developed eczema, dislocations, and other various problems that cleared up when we moved over to eating organic).

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