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How to Prevent Pesach Constipation and Weight Gain


Now we are starting to make our Pesach lists and of course, matzah is on top. Necessary for the seder (or sedarim outside of Israel) it not only substitutes for bread, but if you are creative, it also substitutes for

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Pesach Strategies for Eating Healthy & Shopping Smart

Pesach (Passover), especially for those of us who do not eat kitniyot (certain legumes, grains, and vegetables) and/or gebrochts, often find the holiday to be onerously heavy on the matzah and potatoes. Faced with what’s perceived as “the possibility of

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My Healthy Cholent Alternative

I decided after last Shabbat that I didn’t want to make cholent again. We had just eaten it for the first time in several months at the behest of my daughter (I don’t make it when the weather is hot)

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