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Some oily (and other) tips and great latkas for Chanukah

Gastronomy is at least as important as ritual when it comes to the holidays. We all enjoy the delicious latkas (vegetable pancakes) and sufganiyot (donuts) that are customary Chanukah fare. However, since we still want keep our waistlines and health

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Nourishing Encounters: Scarborough Fair Chicken

Scarborough Fair Chicken (recipe below), uses parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, the herbs made famous in Simon and Garfunkel’s rendition of the ballad Scarborough Fair. Strong, healthy societies have traditionally been omnivores, eating both plant and animal foods. As opposed

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Here’s Why Using Coconut Oil Regularly Contributes to Your Health

COCONUT OIL – A SUPER FOOD If you’re like me, making the effort to moisturize dry skin on a regular basis in the winter doesn’t always happen, until your hands gets so dry that they hurt. Well, early one winter

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Thick and hearty oatmeal – the Real Deal

Buying oats in Israel? In Hebrew oats are שִׁבּוֹלֵת שׁוּעָל (shibolet shual); in Israel they are also known as קְוֵקֶר (qvaker). When we started our quest for better health a number of years ago, one of the many products we

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My Healthy Cholent Alternative

I decided after last Shabbat that I didn’t want to make cholent again. We had just eaten it for the first time in several months at the behest of my daughter (I don’t make it when the weather is hot)

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