Our Mission

What if much of the health information that we’ve gotten over the past decades is wrong? Why is it that when we go food shopping many of us tend to skip over the natural foods and head for the processed ones, believing that natural foods eaten by healthy societies for centuries are suddenly unhealthy and newly developed processed foods are better?

For example, governments have declared a war on biologically necessary saturated fats and cholesterol but not on artificial additives and chemically processed foods such as vegetable and seed oils that are truly responsible for many ills. Perhaps it’s time to pull the blinders off and look at what happens when we substitute the lab for nature.

Nourishing Israel is dedicated to nutrition re-education. Peruse this site to gain a new perspective on how real food nourishes our body and how much of what passes for food destroys our bodies over time. Learning how healthy people have been eating, per Weston Price’s research, gives us guidelines to follow.

If you are in Israel or visiting we also help you find the real foods you need.