What Every Woman Needs to Know About Mammograms

Hormones Matter – June 17, 2015, Caryn Lipson
Mammography Screening – When an Educated Consumer is not the Best Customer

The purpose of preventive mammography screening is to diagnose breast cancers that would result in death at an early stage, thereby decreasing the incidence of late stage breast cancer and overall breast cancer mortality.

A number of reviews and studies have been published over the past several years to determine the effects of mammography screening in achieving these goals. They reveal that mammography screening provides little to no benefit in terms of reducing breast cancer mortality, and yields significant risks and harm to women who receive false positive results and especially to those who are overdiagnosed and overtreated. The risk of overdiagnosis of cancers that would never have been a threat to or even discovered by women in their lifetime includes future treatment-induced cancers.

Statistical percentages such as a 20% or 30% reduction in mortality, ordinarily referenced in reports promoting mammograms, mislead women into thinking that a large number of lives are being saved.  Click here to read more


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