Organic & Natural in Israel List


Cactus pears
Cactus Pears growing in Bet Shemesh

Please note:

  • This list is a service and doesn’t imply a recommendation of any company and/or products included or adherence to Weston Price recommendations.
  • Although kashrut information is included when available, the information is not complete, and certifications do change. Additionally, some farms combine produce from other farms with their own. As such, no representation is made regarding the kashrut of the farms, businesses, and products listed here. Please be sure to inquire as to kosher certification on your own.
  • All websites, unless otherwise noted, are in Hebrew.
  • This list will be updated periodically. If you know of any farms or companies appropriate for this list, please let us know.
  • Gluten Free foods are listed as a service to readers.
  • Some establishments may be listed under more than one category.

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Most of the produce available in Israeli is locally grown and seasonal. A calendar with the different fruits and vegetables and the months when they are available fresh in the market is available at Fun Joel’s Israel Tours.

ORGANIC FRUITS & VEGETABLES – CSAs and farms, most deliver to your home or to a local drop-off/pick-up point
Ben’s Farm Ben Rosenberg (English) 050-342-6664
Located in Moshav Tirosh. Deliveries  to Beit Shemesh, Mivasseret Zion, all of Jerusalem, Maale Adumim and Gush Etzion. Offers a full line of vegetables and fruits. Owner is Sabbath observant, takes truma and maaser and has a ‘minoii’ (subscription) with the Beit HaMidrash Ha Gavoa L’halacha B’Hityashvut in Har Nof for the matbeah (coin).
Chubeza (English) 054-653-5980
Located in Moshav Kfar Bin Nun, Ayalon Valley. Deliveries from Tel – Aviv to Jerusalem, Jerusalem suburbs and Gush Etzion including Rehovot, Nes Ziona, Mazkeret Batya, Rishon Lezion, Petach Tikva, Kiryat Ono, Givat Shmuel, and Modi’in. Kashrut certification from Rabbi Naftali Shlomo of the Gezer Regional Council.
Eran Organi 03-950-7272, 03-950-6264
Deliveries in Tel-Aviv, Bnei Brak, Sharon, Rishon/Rehovot, Lod, Petach Tikvah, Modi’in, Jerusalem and other areas. Certified kosher by Rav Tsuri Ne’eman of the Gan Raveh Regional Council.
♦ Freshly Frozen Fruits Faye Savin-Bader: 050-261-8675 (English), bio-organic fruits. Delivery to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bet Shemesh, Modi’in, Ra’anana, Hertziliya, Ohr Yehuda, Hod Hasharon, Pardes Chana, Zichron Yaakov. Kosher – Bedatz Mehadrin, Rav A. Rubin.
Gan HaSade 054-693-9320 (Callers can order in English), Located in Kfar Rut, near Modi’in. Farmers Market in the middle of the farm every Friday 8:00-13:00, Deliveries to Jerusalem and nearby moshavim, Modi’in area, Hashmonaim ,Kiryat Ono, Savyon, Yehud, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givataiim, Ramat Hasharon, Herziliya, Kfar Shmaryahu, Arsuf, and Petach Tikva. Also herbal teas. No Kosher certification – Fruits are meusarim, Vegetables are TEVEL VADAY, and you have to take ma’asrot. If you ask, they will include a note in your basket telling you which items have had ma’aser taken, and which ones you will need to ma’aser on your own.
HaIkarot 055-662-6690. Deliveries to Tel Aviv, Sharon, Haifa, Krayot, Nesher, Yokniam, Tivon, and environs.
♦ Havat Shorashim 052-331-1376, Located in Kfrar HaNoar Eynot, Deliveries from Ashdod to Rana’ana, Terumot & ma’asrot taken, no kilaim, owners Sabbath observant.
♦ Kaima Farm 058-444-7793 (English), Locations in Beit Zait-Jerusalem, Be’erotaim-Emek Hefer, and Hukuk-North. Deliveries in Jerusalem. Certified Kosher by Hashgacha Pratit.
♦ Maggie’s Garden (some English) 054-753-6106, 02-570-0796
Delivers. Certified Kosher by Moetset Mate Yehuda, Belz or Harav Efrati
♦  Merhavia Organic Farm – 052-312-9867 – Ayelet,  052-379-6743 – Neta
Located in Moshav Merhavia in the Jezreel Valley.
Meshek Ben-Zvi  04-953-1299
Located in Moshav Yehuda in the Jezreel Valley. Pick-up from store.
Meshek Havivian 050-341-2360
Three locations: in Moshav Hodaya near Ashkelon and in Moshav Naham near Bet Shemesh. Weekly deliveries, pick up from store on location, and on Fridays at Emek Refaim 12 in Jerusalem.
Meshek Har Prachim Ronit and Joel Blumberg, 052-313-4113
Located in Moshav Ofer, in the Carmel region. Produce available locally.
Meshek Organi 052-612-2222
Located in Kibbutz Ha’Ma’apil, Emek Chefer. Deliveries in the Tel Aviv, Sharon, Emek Chefer, Netanya, Kitzir Charish, & Pardes Chana, Binyamina areas. 2 of 3 partners are orthodox. Terumot and Ma’asrot are taken, no kilayim. No outside supervision.
Meshek Shvarzman 03-950-6384/054-458-3207, Moshav Netaim (near Rishon LeZion & Nes Ziona). Pick up from their store; delivery coming soon. There is kosher certification regarding terumot and ma’asrot on some produce they sell from other farms, but not from their own. They do separate the produce for you so you can easily take terumot and ma’asrot on your own.
Savta Yehudit 050-246-4835
Deliveries in the Jordan Valley, Kfar Tabor, & Ramot Menashe areas.
Salsila 054-666-3193 (Callers can order in English), located in Amilam. Delivery to Alona settlements, Zichron Yaacov, Binyamina, Pardes Hana-Karkur, Tel- Aviv, Haifa, and Givat-Ada. No Kosher Certification; owners take terumot and ma’asrot and observe shmita.
Teva Habsor (English) 1-800-259-090
Deliveries from Tel Aviv to Be’er Sheva. A mashgiach comes once a week to take terumot and ma’asrot.
Local Basket project 04-988-1737, 054-448-8588
Galilee area. Produce and other organic or natural foods & products
Bodek2Go 02-623-6060 (English)
Organic fresh produce and other organic or natural food products. Delivery in Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem. Produce certified kosher by Badatz Mehadrin Yerushalayim or Badatz Belz. (Please note that not all products are organic including the frozen Bodek vegetables and some of the fresh produce.)

Gan HaSade 054-693-9320 (Callers can order in English), Organic grass fed milk/dairy; eggs from pastured chickens. See complete information in their listing for Organic Fruits & Vegetables above. Also herbal teas.
Givot Olam 02-940-9310
See their list of stores which carry Givat Olam products or for delivery call Yair at Shivuk Motzrei Yesha 050-939-3423. Kosher Badatz Eida Chareidit Yerushalayim and Rabbanut Shomron Region – Mehadrin.  Deliveries are once every two weeks for orders of 150 NIS or more. Shivuk Motzrei Yesha also delivers for other stores and companies (natural soaps, honey (non- organic), and other products) so you can order additional items and reach the delivery minimum quite easily.
Meshek Har Prachim Ronit and Joel Blumberg, 052-313-4113
Located in Moshav Ofer in the Carmel region. Organic goat milk and goat milk products. Pasteurized. Certified kosher by Rabbi Gavriel Sorani.



Ta’am Zohar Malka: 050-345-5091, 08-947-7742
Organic. Delivers to your home. Also sheep meat, eggs, and poultry products. Kosher – B’datz Rav Machpud & B’datz Eida Chareidit
Meshek Artzi 02-9906880
Chickens grown without antibiotics, vegetarian diet, no chemicals. Packaged, available in supermarkets. Under mehadrin supervision of Rabbanut of Tsfat. *
♦  Of Tov (English)
Chicken grown without antibiotics or hormones. Chickens are fed a mixture of vegatable and animal foods. Packaged, available in  supermarkets. Under mehadrin supervision of Rav Oerbach. Please note that Of Tov products in nylon packaging are not antibiotic and hormone free – be sure to look on each package for verification. *

  Artzenu – Natural Fresh Meat Yehoshua and Chana Tibor: 050-634-1808 / 050-634-1881
ertified Organic, free-range Chickens and Turkey. Humanely raised Duck. Pasture-raised Beef, Lamb, Goat- and all organ meats and bones. Special products as well. All animals born and raised in Israel and delivered fresh to your door. Mehadrin Hechsher.

Maple Syrup in Israel 054-268-9853 (English), Organic Canadian maple syrup and maple products. Online and in their store at 3 Moran, Ma’alot. Certified Kosher.
Neot Semadar (English)
Products found in various organic markets. Certified Kosher by Eilat Rabbanut
♦ The Lieber Family  077-711-3557 (English)
The Liebers sell a variety of products.  Organic Eggs from Givat Olam, Raw Honey, Organic Olive Oil and more. Products are certified kosher. Beit Shemesh area. They are also the Bodek2Go  distributors in the Beit Shemesh area.

Hamutzei Ha’aretz (was Hamutzei Tsfat) 054-255-0958 (English)
Kosher, organic, naturally fermented foods, full of live unpasteurized probiotic-cultures. Pickles, Sauerkraut, and much more. Located in Beth Shemesh. Certified kosher by International Kashrut Organization (IKO) under supervision of Rav Shneebalg.
Nevet HaSadeh 054-238-4411 (English) Sprouted organic grains, legumes and flours in shelf-stable packages.
Shoreshei Tzion 02-571-6237 (Callers can order in English). Factory store: HaTzabah 3, Bet Shemesh.Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Sprouted Foods.  Products available in health food stores across the country. Certified Kosher by Rabbanut Bet Shemesh.
Wheatgrass Juice 053-340-9081 (English) Fresh, organic Wheatgrass Juice delivered to your door weekly.

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♦ Dagan Eden: Sarah Tamir-Shirazi 09-792-1446, (English), Wheat: 20 NIS/kilo –organic & sprouted and local, Spelt: 25 NIS/kilo –organic& sprouted from Canada. Organic whole wheat: 10 NIS/kilo, Whole spelt: 18 NIS/kilo. No need for sifting if kept in freezer, terumot and ma’asrot taken. Available for pick-up in Talpiyot, Jerusalem or Emmanuel (in the Shomron). Can arrange for pickup in Petach Tikva and Rosh Ha’ayin. Mail delivery in Israel for orders over 10kg for 20 shekel delivery fee (takes 1-2 days with Doar Express).
Edan Hanevet 052-895-1358, Sprouted spelt and quinoa bread, see their list of stores where products are sold.
♦ Gan HaSade 054-693-9320 (Callers can order in English). See complete information in their listing for Organic Fruits & Vegetables above.
Pat Shacharit 058-445-0299, Sprouted and non-sprouted sourdough breads including gluten free. Delivery in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh.
Rustic Regal Bakery 052 415 9714 (English) – Organic, Sprouted Bread from wheat, spelt or rye. No flour, yeast, or oil.  Culinary Workshops – Introduction to the Basics of Raw, Sprouted, and Cooked Health Foods. Baked goods available for pick up in Jerusalem, Machane Yehuda area. Owner is Sabbath Observant.

Gan HaSade See complete information in their listing for Organic Fruits & Vegetables above.

Yellow Butter (kosher, imported, from mostly grass-fed cows, not organic) available in supermarkets: President 03-6814006, Makabi (cholov Yisrael) 02-583-8368, Lurpak  08-932-1000, Champion 052-249-8865, Elle & Vire 1-800-504-050, Shufersal Hollandit, Willi Food (cholov Yisrael) 08-932-1017, and other brands.

Eggs (Organic and/or Free range)

Gluten Free
♦ Bar El Life  04-6224695 (English home page),  Tzavey HaNachal 15, Industrial Center/Mifalei Chefer, Emek Chefer.  Factory store with discount prices, list of stores where products are sold, or order online. Kosher Rabbanut Emek Chefer & Rabbi Landau, Bnei Brak
Bli Gluten: Search for restaurants carrying gluten free foods by location
Celiac Organization in Israel: 03-6781481 List of stores selling gluten free products
Gluten Free- Restaurants & Products in Israel: The celiacs essential guide to enjoying Israel (English)
Green Lite 08-933-1600 (English) Shidlovsky 1, Yavne, Gluten free baked goods. Certified kosher.
Natural Cakes 03-923-5276, Gissin 61, Kiryat Aryeh, Petach Tikvah. Gluten Free bake shop &  restaurant, list of stores where products are sold. Kosher Rabbanut Petach Tikvah, Chatam Sofer, & OU
Pat Shacharit 058-445-0299 (English), Gluten free line – Sourdough bread from Oats and Quinoa. Individual and wholesale orders. Located in Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel. Deliveries currently in Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, and Netivot.
Pure Delights Bakery 02-992-3925 (leave message) (English)
Gluten free, sugar free baked goods.  Local to Bet Shemesh, Ramat Bet Shemesh areas with occasional deliveries to Jerusalem (pickup from a single location) as posted on Facebook. Kosher per owner. Owner is Sabbath observant.

Gan HaSade See complete information in their listing in Organic Fruits & Vegetables above.
Ofek Chadash – see complete information in their listing in Kitchen & Home Appliances below.

Genesis Seeds 08-931-8966 (English),  Certified organic vegetable, flower, herb, and baby leaves seeds. Soil biofumigation products

Hadbara Organit: 1-700-700-670
Green and non-toxic products. See their list of stores which carry Hadbara Organit products

Ofek Chadash (New Horizon) 1-700-70-2009 (English/Hebrew)
A variety of appliances such as juicers, sprouters and seeds, water filters, trampolines, and more.

NetaPharm 1-700-500-093 (English site), Medicinal plant extracts and dermocosmetic products. Also available in stores around the country
Tomer Devorah 050-414-1930, Natural products made with propolis having healing properties.
Beit Shemesh
♦ Arthur’s Natural Pharmacy 02-999-9777, Nachal Dolev 82, Rama A
♦ The Natural Health Center, Rivka Landsman (Hebrew, English), Forever Lving Products, The Power of Aloe Vera. Nachal Dolev 28
Givat Ze’ev
SababaBlends, Yehudit L. Yosef, 054-771-8442, (English), dōTERRA Essential Oils, Kosher certification by Earth K, worldwide delivery.
Beit Merkachat HaNasi: 08-946-1342/052-320-0883, HaNasi HaRishon 34

Bet She’an

♦ Stay Tru Farm Eli Shechter – 054-616-9469 (English)  Located in Moshav S’de Trumot, in  the Valley of Springs beneath the Gilboa mountain range. Sustainable farming practices include agriculture and animals. Most foods served are free range and organic. Kashrut – Owners are Chabad, mehadrin, and glatt kosher.

Rotem Teva 1-700-700-724 Select English from drop down (English translation not perfect). Shipping throughout Israel
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 04-642-7055, Chenkin 6
♦ Clil Hateva: 04-640-3555, Nasi Weizman 16, near Shilav
Pinat HaTeva B’Ariel: 03-936-5299, Yehuda 11, Commercial Center
Eden Teva Market: 08-869-7900, Ha’Orgim 7, next to Megabul
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 08-675-6065, Power Center, Silver Sector
Beer Sheva
Eden Teva Market: 052-957-6122, Derech Hevron, Big Center, underneath bowling alley
Beit Shemesh
House of Aloe Vera, 052-761-2894,
♦ LaBriut: 02-995-3000, Derech Yitzchak Rabin 19
Lev HaTeva: 02-992-3799 Nahal Nitzanim 8, Rama A
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 02-999-1660 Yigal Alon 24
Beit Zera
Beofen Tivi 052-408-2626, Kibbutz Beit Zera (south of the Kinneret), Ecological cleaning supplies & cosmetics.
Bnai Brak
♦ Hos Teva 03-579-0287, Chazon Ish 3
♦ Beraishit: 08-631-5542, Hasatat 2
Gan Shmuel
Duchan Gan Shmuel: 04-632-0892, Kibbutz Gan Shemuel (east of Hadera Junction) Large selection of Gluten Free foods. Not associated with Duchan in Pardes Hannah.
Givat Shmuel
Al Hamishkal: 03-532-0360, Kenyon HaGivah
♦ Anise: 03-573-1323, Weizman 17, corner of Shenkin
Gush Etzion
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 02-652-9070, Tzomet Hagush
♦ Eden Teva Market: 04-904-6444, Derech Bar Yehuda 147, Nesher, inside Mega Bul
Eden Teva Market: 04-881-8600, Haroshet 48, Chutzot Hamifratz
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 04-832-2020, Natan Komoi 7, Nevei Sha’anan
Eden Teva Market: 09-835-9446, Shivat HaCochavim 8, inside Mega Ba’Ir
♦ Hila Ba’Teva: 09-956-7121, Sokolov 57
Nizat Ha’duvdevan: 09-956-0310, Ben Gurion 22 , Sha’ar Ha’ir
Organic Market: 09-9563338, Hanegev 1, Tzimrot
Herzliya Pituach
Teva Castel : 09-956-7165, Hamenofim 5
Eden Teva Market 052-927-6125 Hamanor 2, Industrial Center, inside Mega Bul
Al Hamishkal 02-997-9978 Sha’ar Binyamin Shopping Center, Industrial Zone
♦ Anise 02-679-7373 Avizohar 3, Beit Hakerem
♦ Anise 02-538-4069 Yaffo 76
♦ Anise 02-673-3861 Derech Beit Lechem 33, corner of Esther Ha’Malka 3
♦ Anise 02-581-8575 Feran 5 – Ramat Eshkol Commercial Centre
♦ Anise 02-563-6677 Emek Refayim 32
♦ Anise 02-566-0444 Palmach 42
♦ Chalav UDvash Health Food Store 052-861-8827, 14 Ha’achayot Street, Ein Kerem, specialty – natural soaps and cosmetics
Eden Teva Market 02-545-9999 Agudat HaSport, Beitar 1, Malcha Mall, inside Mega Bul
Eden Teva Market 1800-468-468 Kenyon Ramot, Golda Meir Blvd. corner of HaCongress HaTzioni, Ramot
♦ Hadassah 02-624-4442 Beit Yaakov 2, near Agrippas, Machane Yehuda
Lev HaTeva 02-538-8832 Yehezkel 6, Geula
♦ Mekor HaTeva 02-537-0181 Hagai 16, Geula
Natural Choice Bakery 02-622-3229 Agripas 111
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 02-5611390 Emek Refaim 25
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 02-651-5697 Kanfei Nesharim 22, Givat Shaul
♦ Olam HaTeva 02-623-2101 Agrippas 65, behind Machane Yehuda
♦ Olam HaTeva – Gluten & Sugar Free 02-653-6646 Agrippas 76, behind Machane Yehuda
Teva Express  02-624-4004 Shamgar 16, Rav Shefa Mall, 1st floor
♦ Teva Net 02-623-4859 Agrippas 99, behind Machane Yehuda
Zmora Organi 02-652-0107 Nejarah 37, Givat Shaul
♦ Zmora Organi 02-566-6660 Amaziah 1, Greek Colony
♦ Zmora Organi 02-673-0008 Yad Charutzim 5, Talpiot
Karnei Shomron
Al Hamishkal 09-794-1471 Kenyon Karnei Shomron
Kfar Saba
Eden Teva Market 09-790-3770 Weizman 207, Sector G
Kiryat Arba
♦ Eretz Chita 02-996-0222 Kiryat Arba Industrial Center 144
Kiryat Ono
♦ Organic Market: 03-6354544 Yirmiyahu 16
Kiryat Shmona
♦  Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-694-0030 South Industrial Center
Ma’aleh Adumim
 Chalav U’dvash 02-590-2044/02-972-528, 20 Kikar Hakeren, Kikar Yahalom
Mevaseret Zion
♦ Anise 02-533-4883 Kinyon Har’el
Mishmar Hasharon
Teva Castel 09-898-3456 Kibbutz Mishmar HaSharon, at entrance to kibbutz
♦ Nizat Ha’duvdevan 08-926-7873 YesPro Center
♦ Anise 08-970-3001 Azrieli Mall
Eden Teva Market 1800-468-468 Hamelachot Blvd. 121, YesPro Center, inside MegaBul
Eden Teva Market 09-893-1505 Bnei Gaon 5, Industrial Center, Poleg, north of Ikea
♦ Organic Market: 09-8334256 Smilansky 16
Or Yehuda
Eden Teva Market 03-634-5475 Hamasger 8, Old Industrial Zone, near Mega
Pardes Hannah
♦ Duchan 04-637-7235 Hadarim 43, corner of Derech Pikah (not associated with Duchan Gan Shmuel)
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-953-4628 Tidhar 2, ‘Big’ Center
Petach Tikvah
Eden Teva Market 1800-468-468 Mordechai Ben Dror 4, behind the gas station “סדש”
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 03-934-6337 HaRav Pinto 19, Rosenfeld Center
♦ Anise 09-743-8282 Ahuza 87
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 09-774-4717 Ostrovsky 39
Shufersal Deal, 09-743-4774, Haharoshet 6, Small health food and organic produce section
Ramat Hasharon
♦ Yofi Shel Teva 03-540-8623 Sokolov 38
Eden Teva Market 03-548-0480 HaHaroshet 10, Industrial Center מורשה, next to Mega Ba’Ir
Ramat Raziel
♦ Or-Gani 02-570-0427 Hadar 3
Ramat Yishai
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-811-0843 HaEucalyptus 4
♦ Organic Market: 08-9364732 Yaakov 3
♦ Organic Market: Kenyon Rehovot – inside Shufersal
♦ Teva Center 08-945-3670 HaMelech Chassan 11, Bilu Center, Kiryat Ekron
♦ Tsapichit B’Dvash: 077-201-3977, Binyamin 4
Rishon Le Zion
♦ Al HaTeva: 03-950-3289/052-230-9835, Rutshild (Rothchild) 32
Eden Teva Market 03-942-4900 Yaldei Tehran 5, G2 Center, above Mega Bul
♦ Anise 073-736-9398 Emek Ayalon 32, Shoham Commercial Center
Tel Aviv
♦ Anise 03-620-6355 Dizingoff Center
♦ Anise 03-609-9899 Weizman 14, Weizman Center
♦ Anise 073-743-0308 Abba Achimeir 17, Shuster Center
Eden Teva Market 1800-468-468 Devorah Ha’Neviah 128, Ramat Hachayil, in Mega Bul
Eden Teva Market 03-679-3020 Herzl 42, corner of Ha’ro’e, Ramat Gan
Neroli Health Food Store & Juice Bar: 03-510-7869, Lilienblum 3, Neve Tsedek
♦ Neve Avivim: 03-641-0411, HaNasi 34, Neve Avivim
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 03-510-1497 HaCarmel 30, Shuk HaCarmel
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 03-670-3980 Bugrashov 40
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 03-696-5174 Ibn Givirol 58
♦ Organic Market: 03-6058784 Abba Achimeir 28, Ramat Gan
♦ Organic Market: 03-6449363 Aharon Becker 8, Mikado Center
♦ Shekadiah: 03-674-6491 Shereidot Yerushalayim 48, Ramat Gan
Shorashim: 03-517-1776, Ben Yehuda 35
♦ Teva be’Gimel 03-642-6381 Abba Achimeir 25, Ramat Aviv Gimel, Shuster Center, next to McDonalds
Teva Castel 1700-700-532 Ibn Gvirol 71, at the entrace to Gan Ha’Ir, Kikar Rabin
♦ Teva Castel 03-522-3156 Dizingoff 101, corner of Frishman
♦ Teva Castel 1700-700-533 Arlozorov 64
♦ Teva Kol: 03-685-4830, Sheinkin 57
♦ Teva Banechala 03-696-7474 Nechalat Itzhak 18, Migdalei Aviv
♦ Teva Tari 03-603-7071 Yehuda Hayamit 61
♦  Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-672-0994 Hagalil 7
♦ Hagan Ha’organi 04-953-0933 HaCalaniot 2
♦ Shirat Ha’aretz 04-682-7050 Jerusalem 37
Zichron Yaakov
Nizat Ha’duvdevan 04-911-4901 Industrial Zone, Mall Zichron

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*  Chickens are omnivorous. Therefore, a diet consisting of both animal and plant foods is more natural (and healthier) for them (and for us) than a totally vegetable/plant diet.