Holistic Practitioners in Israel List

Please note:
– This list is  for information purposes only. No representation is made as to the qualifications of the individual practitioner or efficacy of the therapies.
– Practitioners often incorporate multiple therapies or modalities into their treatment plans so it is probable that practitioners listed may offer more than is detailed here.
– Practitioners probably speak more languages than those I’ve listed here. Please call to ask if you need a different language. If they can’t speak it, maybe they can refer you to another practitioner who does.
– Page is constantly being updated.
– Who do you recommend?

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Ellen Dinnerstein 054-548-5914 (English, Hebrew)

Dr. Yehuda Frischman,  02-641-5355, (English), acupuncture, Oriental medicine, and craniosacral therapy.
Yael Tusk, M.Sc. 02-581-7415 (English), General Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Treating: Pediatrics and adults, acute and chronic health problems, and prenatal care.
Moshav Kidron
♦ Sagee Hillel: 054-688-6930 (Hebrew, knowledge of English)

Shelly Chermon 050-994-4132 (Hebrew)

Dr. Yitzchack (Gary) Freeman (02) 651-7780, dc4jer@gmail.com, 10 Kanfe Nesharim St.
Dr. Adam Winter 1-700-701-301 (Hebrew, English), also Functional Neurology,  Kanfei Nesharim, Beit Inbar, 3rd fl.
Petach Tikvah
Dr. Michael Schwartz
050-633-3061(Hebrew, English), Shapira 43
Beit Shemesh
Dr. Reuven Rosenberg 058-432-5849 (English), also Functional Neurology, Nutrition, Rama Gimmel
 Dr. Michael Schwartz 050-633-3061(Hebrew, English), Ta’ana 10
Tel Aviv
Dr. Adam Winter
1-700-701-301 (Hebrew, English), also Functional Neurology,  Beit Harofim, Shprinzik 3

Pesia Rahel Yoselis 052-678-9990 (Hebrew, English, Russian) Life coaching using Neuro-Linguistic Programming & One Brain, Women/girls only
Clear Intentions, Dr. Barbara Schwarck, PCC 054-2178850 (English, Hebrew, German)  Life, business, and executive coaching using Neuro Emotional Coaching (NEC), HaTkuma 15

Gush Etzion
Sara-Malka Laderman 054-210-6994 (Hebrew, English), also energy healing, Family Constellations (throughout Israel)
♦ Ellen Dinnerstein 054-548-5914 (Hebrew, English)
Sara-Malka Laderman 054-210-6994 (Hebrew, English), also energy healing, Family Constellations (throughout Israel)

♦ Dr. Sarit Avraham: 02-650-3208 (English, Hebrew)  drsarit.dent@gmail.com, Hillel 10
Holident: Dr. Avraham Shamos 02-623-4364 (Hebrew, English), Ben Yehuda 1, 2nd fl.
Ramat Gan
Hodent:Dr. Valerie Yaskin, 03-612-0412 (Hebrew, French, some English), Jabotinsky138
Rishon LeZion

Hodent: Dr. Valerie Yaskin, 03-950-9019 (Hebrew, French, some English), Jabotinsky 53
Tel Aviv
Biodent Israel: Dr. Jordan Goldstein, 03 – 604-3345 (Hebrew, English), Basel 35, Basel Medical

Talya Freitag: 054-395-2764, (English), www.peacefulpostpartum.co.il, Support for mothers after birth, postpartum doula, mother and baby care, breastfeeding support. Holistic, nourishing traditions nutritional guidance for postpartum healing. Pregnancy and Postpartum massage therapist, reflexologist. Baby massage and postpartum classes, Serving the Anglo community and Israeli English-speaking community.
Tel Aviv
Tressa Eaton:  058-718-4835, (English), doula providing birth services and holistic, supportive foods including post-partum nutrition, serving Anglo community.

Beit Shemesh
Julie Devora Brown: 054-840-2251, brownies13@gmail.com, (English, Hebrew), EFT for women, 3D for women, Coach for Married Women, Zoom
Sara Shaposhnik: 050-229-2316 (English, basic Hebrew) balabusta@yeshivanet.com, Emotion Code & Body Code, Zoom
Tuviah Berkowitz:  (054) 840-8131 (English and Hebrew)  tuviahchava@gmail.com, specializing in psychological issues and cravings. Also family counseling hearing and vision issues. Very effective work done from a distance.
Mindy Peltz: mindypeltz@gmail.com (English) Har Nof, 3-D Therapy – תרפיית שלושת המימדים
Rishon LeZion
Ilana Inbar:
050-939-0599 (Hebrew, knowledge of English), 3-D Therapy – תרפיית שלושת המימדים/IPEC®/Bioresonance

Dr. Shoshana Savyon, Ph.D., Doctor of Holistic Medicine, shoshanasavyon@gmail.com (English)

Medi Roz Clinic/Tipat Chalav Tiv’it, Dr. Chaim Rosenthal: 09-760-2979
homeorof@netvision.net.il, Shvil HaZahav 4/34

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Beit Shemesh
Avi Dzik, avi.dzik@gmail.com, (English and Hebrew) Deep tissue massage for pain relief and personal trainer for exercise, Ma’apilei Egoz Street.
♦ Fusion Massage: Cornelle Selig, 058-717-6598 (English), Fusion Massage blends together Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Swedish massage while looking at the body as a whole, Rama A.
The Well-Balanced Soul: Miryam Heiliczer, RN 052-569-6172 (English)
♦ Yair Cohen: 052-836-7613 (Hebrew), Chinese medicine

♦ Maayan Health: Shana Neril,   (054) 771-9432 (English and Hebrew), Even Sapir 11,  also Chinese medicine, Western and Chinese herbology, applied knesiology, nutrition, allergy reversal, cleansing therapy, energy medicine, abdominal acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, meditation
Dr. Anders Nerman: 054-427-8667 (English), Wolfson Family Medical Center, Diskin 9a
Rishon LeZion
Yaniv Digmi: 050-549-4670 (Hebrew), Herzl 63
Tel Aviv
Hagar Feldman, N.D.: 055-885-8296, Hagar.shimshon@gmail.com

Beit Shemesh
♦ Dr. Reuven Bekermus 058-400-5547 (English, Hebrew) Rechov Tsfat 2/1.
Tomer Devora:
Shaul Touson 050-414-1930, also apotherapy and iridology
Tomer Devora
: Shaul Touson 050-414-1930, also apotherapy and iridology

Wallis Physiotherapy & Holistic Center: 02-673-2939 (Hebrew, English), Beitar 5

Bet Shemesh
Yosef Brown: 054-213-4717, ynb123@gmail.com, (English, Hebrew), Nachal Dolev 40, also EFT Meridian Tapping
 The Natural Health Center: Rivka Landsman (Hebrew, English),  rivkahealth@gmail.com, Shiatsu, Hopi Candles. Nachal Dolev 28
 Rachel Montana: 054-795-1117, montanajerusalem@gmail.com (English, moderate Hebrew). Katamon neighborhood.

♦ Rahel Warshaw-Dadon,077-3434684, (English), Reiki Master

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Dina Wyshogrod, Ph.D. 02-672-7261 (Press 1# to leave a message), English and Hebrew

Elima College: College for holistic medicine in the spirit of Judaism, located on Yishuv Ohr Haganuz, Marom Hagalil
Reidman College: Holistic and Integrative Medicine
Campus branches: Ramat Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Kineret, Sapir, Be’er Sheva, Misgav

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10 Comments on “Holistic Practitioners in Israel List

  1. Hello, I saw this website mentioned in the Gluten Free Israel Facebook group. I was so glad to find a Weston A. Price branch in Israel! I’m a member in the US.

    My family (me, husband, 10 year old son) will be in Israel in June, starting with a week in Jerusalem, then down to Masada for an overnight and then heading north to Tzfat. I am looking for gluten free, clean, whole foods. Mostly what I’m being directed toward is processed food. I have celiac and my son can’t have gluten, potato, dairy, eggs, lentils, onion, garlic and a handful of other foods. We’re very used to working around these food issues and when in Israel we’ll have an apartment we can cook in, but if you have any suggestions on where we can eat out that offers healthy, whole and gluten-free food I’d greatly appreciate hearing about them. Thank you!

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for your query. I don’t have the answer. Best if you contacted some of them to find out. Perhaps they know someone who does, even if they don’t practice it themselves. Please be sure to let them know that you saw them listed on Nourishing Israel.

      And let me know what you find out.

      Hatzlacha raba.

  2. Hi Caryn –
    Your website is indispensable as more and more people learn the truth about the dangers to our health from the medical model that seems to leave the word “no” out of “first do NO harm” as they discourage the body from actualizing its very own healing capacity. Foods have been perverted beyond belief – so your researched info is SOOO appreciated. I would like to be listed as a doula: pregnancy & birth coach/educator specializing in health optimization with nutrition & toxin-free lifestyle. I live in Harnof and would travel if need be for my client.

  3. I need to find a holistic practitioner who does chelation, inc. IV drip.

    Is there someone you have knowledge of?

    I live near Tiberias.

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