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Sprout Nuts/Seeds and Grains:

Not every seed/nut is able sprout after it’s taken out of its shell, but many are. Foods that have been pasteurized will not sprout so it’s best to look for organic. Instructions for sprouting from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, p.113:

The method for sprouting all grains and seeds is the same – only the length of time needed to accomplish full germination varies with the size and nature of the seed. Simply fill a mason jar one-third full with any grain or seed. Add filtered water to the top of the jar and screw on the top with its screen insert [ed. I use cheesecloth]. Allow the seeds to soak overnight and pour off the water. Rinse the seeds well – you can do this without removing the top. Invert the jar and let it sit at an angle so it can drain, and to allow air to circulate. The seeds should be rinsed every few hours, or at least twice a day. In one to four days the sprouts will be ready. Rinse well, shake out excess moisture, and replace the screen insert with the solid section of the lid. Store the sprouts in the refrigerator.*

*Someone pointed out to me that if you want to use sprouts on Shabbat (the Jewish sabbath) then you must remove them before Shabbat from the container in which they sprouted, otherwise you are harvesting -which is forbidden on Shabbat. I have been following this recommendation, but have not checked this out yet with my LOR (local orthodox rabbi) yet.


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  1. What’s a mason jar. What’s a screen insert. If the jar is at an angle, upside down, where does the water drain to? How can you rinse the seeds without removing the top? I imagine this is really easy if you know how to do it, but for the uninitiated, it sounds confusing. Thanks for clarification and photos, if possible. Judy

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