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The Ins and Outs of Buying and Storing Garlic in Israel

garlic drying

That stinky bulb of garlic, yes -the one that gives you the dreaded “garlic breath” –  plays a major role in Israeli cuisine. Ubiquitous in Israeli supermarkets, green grocers, and open air markets, heads (bulbs) of garlic are sold loose, in

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Almond sprouting update

As I mentioned I would in my initial post, I tried sprouting a bunch of almonds which we purchased from Eden Teva as ostensibly “raw”  and presumably from Israel and/or Egypt. When sprouting, after soaking for a day (see my

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Israeli produce and pesticides

Israel produces about 95% of its own food requirements, is a major exporter of fresh produce, and leads the world in agricultural technology. Yet, only 1.5% of all produce is organic, accounting for only 13% of its exports. (See Agriculture in

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