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Super Spelt Hamantashen & Coconut Popcorn for Your Mishloach Manot

popcorn in a jar

Delight your friends and family this Purim with popcorn and spelt hamantashen for Mishloach Manot that not only taste great, but also pack a great nutritious punch. Be sure to make plenty extra, because after your family eats them, you will

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Little Changes, Big Difference This Purim

holiday table

The compliment I like best after hosting a meal is when my guests leave satisfied, exclaiming that the food was delicious as well as healthy. It’s not really hard to serve delicious and healthy meals when you know which tweaks to make. These are

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Easy ways to boost your salad’s nutritional value

I recently received an email from one of my teenage nieces asking for some nutritious salad recipes that she could make with ingredients generally kept on hand. While salads, by definition, are considered to be healthy, it’s an unfortunate reality

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Here’s Why Using Coconut Oil Regularly Contributes to Your Health

COCONUT OIL – A SUPER FOOD If you’re like me, making the effort to moisturize dry skin on a regular basis in the winter doesn’t always happen, until your hands gets so dry that they hurt. Well, early one winter

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Eating a Weston Price diet in Israel – Is it possible?

Life in all its splendor is Mother Nature obeyed. –Weston A. Price, DDS Would we be able to maintain our traditional and wholesome diet based on the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) guidelines in Israel? Would we be able to

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