Should I Close Down Nourishing Israel?

Should I Close Down Nourishing Israel?

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I am tired of eating healthy all the time. Going to the supermarket used to be fun. I could check out all the new food products and buy what interested me, not what had the healthiest ingredients. Who cares anymore? It’s just such a headache. And I skip over so many items… I used to go down all the aisles and check out the offerings. What a great pastime that was.

You know those donuts that Health Minister Litzman told everyone not to eat on Chanukah because they’re not healthy– never mind that they have too much sugar, white flour, and artificial ingredients that can even be toxic- they must be SO YUMMY. See how I’m thinking about them and I didn’t even have any!!!?

bowl of artificially colored breakfast cerealWhy shouldn’t we take advantage of a quick breakfast with cold breakfast cereals and some milk instead of cooking eggs and vegetables? Does it really matter if the puffing and extrusion processes that are used to make cold cereals cause the formerly nutritious grains to undergo tremendous degradation (or worse)? I used to buy the cereals that had the most synthetic, sprayed on vitamins (that eventually fall off) listed on the box. I could do that again because cold cereals are convenient and easy in the morning (and sometimes for supper, too). Convenience – here I come.

I should probably go back to buying bottled salad dressings, too. Yes, the olive oil we now use to dress fresh salads, sometimes with wine vinegar and/or tehina is so much healthier. Tehina even helps to lower triglycerides. But, hey, if I can buy a few different types of bottled dressings so everyone can have the one they want, why not? And if they are made from rancid vegetable oils processed with high heat and chemicals – what difference does it make? Why bother worrying about these things anymore? Enough is enough.

And how I miss those processed meats. I know what they say – stay away from them. But it’s so much easier to slap on a couple of slices of bologna on nutritionally stripped white bread with some sugary ketchup and be done with supper. Can’t say it’s not a complete meal – it’s got a protein, starch, and a vegetable. Bologna… baloney…

Just think, I can resume buying all those canned fruits and veggies now – don’t have to be busy preparing fresh produce anymore. I just want to buy a whole bunch of canned fruits in sugary syrup and mushy vegetables that I can keep in my pantry forever. This will even help me free up precious space in my small Israeli fridge for all those opened bottles of salad dressing.

Can of coconut liquid with additivesAnd another thing I can do is stop reading ingredient lists. Shopping will be less time consuming if I don’t check the ingredients (in Hebrew, no less!) to make sure what I’m buying is as pure as possible, without unnecessary E-numbers/additives or stuff to put taste and texture into defatted and fake foods. I won’t even know the difference anymore.

I remember suggesting to someone a few years back that eating healthier means being sick less and reduced doctor bills. Well, she set me straight – in Israel you don’t really pay for doctor visits so there’s no cost savings there, and medications don’t really cost much either. Strike one for healthy food keeping medical bills down.

And the time I spend waiting in the doctor’s office – I can use to clip coupons for all those junky foods I can now resume eating!

Why be meticulous about my food anymore? Happy days are here again!!

Oh, what time did you say it is? It’s time to wake up from my pre-Purim reverie and get down to business? Purim satire is not real? No junk food? No processed artificial goodies? Keep it real… whole foods only? Well… if you insist…

Stay tuned for my next article with some tips for making your Purim Seuda a little bit healthier this year.


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Beating the Food Giants,  Paul A. Stitt

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3 Comments on “Should I Close Down Nourishing Israel?

  1. I don’t know…

    While I do want certain foods that make me sick, it certainly isn’t JUNK FOOD LOL

    Just the thought of eating that garbage makes me sick. And the taste is terrible in my opinion.

    Unfortunately here in Israel everything makes me sick, even something I would think I could eat.

    But that’s a story for another day : )

    The only thing I agree with you about is the prep time. It takes me min. 4 hours just to prep & wash & rewash veggies, although I do sit & watch TV shows while doing it, but still. : )

    Did he really tell people not to eat the sufganiot? LOL Good for HIM.

    I tried to find one last year that I liked, but all of them tasted like garbage, not just the fake filling, but even the tasteless gluten infested dough. LOL

    • Thanks for sharing.

      Have you ever tried probiotics and fermented foods? A healthy microbiome is very important and often a key to improved health and food tolerances/intolerances.